It’s been four months since I was in Hungary, and I just realized I never posted anything about it!

What can I say about Budapest…it is an interesting juxtaposition between eastern and western Europe, a former glory of the Habsburg empire, Art Nouveau smashed up against communist style blocks, beautiful yet gritty, urban and somehow rural.

An interesting idea I had on my first day was that this city almost piggybacks on Vienna. I felt a very familiar easiness about Budapest, which surprised me since I thought the exact opposite before I arrived. The two cities share a very similar face, perhaps it’s that they both sit on the Danube, perhaps it goes back to their once joined roots as a piece of the Habsburg empire, maybe it’s the similarity in cuisine. Nonetheless, Budapest and Hungary for that matter, are simply breathtaking.



Update (December 2017 to April 2018)

Hey Readers,

Sorry for leaving everyone in the dark. Been a busy past few months – let me get you up to speed.

In December we made an offer on a townhouse here in San Diego. After negotiating the price, we finally had one of our offers accepted. It was then time to pack. I did about 90% of the move on my own, boxing up stuff each night after work. January rolled around and it was time to move. We got the keys to our new place and I immediately started painting. Luckily I was able to take off work for two weeks and complete the job with the help of a friend. After that I began the task of moving our belongings to the new place (again on my own). March was busy as I headed to Budapest for 10 days and once I returned I never got back on my feet. Work dragged me under and it is only now that I can come up for air.

I am now back to my goal of making at least one post per week – let’s see how it goes.

Have a great day – and if in San Diego or Southern California, enjoy the sunshine!