California Heat, Sunburns & Summer Looks

With much of the American southwest experiencing sweltering temps (even to the point of grounding aircraft), San Diego (which has some of the best weather year-round) on the other hand hovers around the upper 70’s and into the 80’s. Coming from the upper Midwest, the sun to me isn’t something to be avoided in the summer; rather embraced after our long winters. Since coming to Southern California, I have so far fallen victim to the suns intense rays twice (both occasions burning my scalp – which I HIGHLY do not recommend).  It hadn’t set in yet that I am going to be in this type of weather for some time and I better learn to be more cautious and careful with my delicate northern skin. I love the beach and frequent it at least once a week if my schedule allows, however I have been under estimating all the factors around me (only applying SPF 4) and getting too crispy. As of yesterday, I have purchased for the first time in years an SPF 30 sunscreen. It is literally a wake-up call that an umbrella coupled with an SPF lower than 10 just won’t cut it anymore and I am setting myself up for the risk of skin cancer.

That being said, good times are ahead…now that I’m being more sensible with a higher SPF (and wearing a hat).

I hope to roll out a few summer looks within the next few weeks. I have a friend visiting me and so it will offer many opportunities for photos.

Until next time,