It all started with a blue bow tie…


Hello and welcome to my blog! It is my goal within these posts and pages to share with you my perspective on fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Let’s start with the most important question…why call it The Blue Bow Tie Project?

Well, it all started with just that; a simple, label-less blue bow tie.  At the very least, it was this blue bow tie that made me realize I had for some time been partaking in a hobby of collecting clothing over the course of my travels. Furthermore, that I liked my outfits to tell a story.

Belgium – 2015. It was during a trip to Brussels with my aunt and cousin that I happened upon the inspiration for this blog. We were going around secondhand and vintage clothing shops, when we walked into Gabriele Vintage in the Rue des Chartreux. My cousin noted from a website that Lady Gaga herself had shopped in this very store; so we just had to stop. As I perused through the tiny, but well stocked racks and shelves of couture from yore, I happened upon a silk, label-less, midnight blue bow tie which caught my eye. I instantly picked it up, along with two others, totaling about $20.00, a very good price for three silk bow ties (mind you the exchange rate). It was not long after purchasing this simple bow tie, that I realized I had in fact been saving memories of my travels considerably different from your typical souvenir. Every time I wore this bow tie, and someone commented on it, I had a story to tell, much like other pieces of attire I had purchased in the past. It was this realization that sparked the concept for The Blue Bow Tie Project.

I hope to all who read or follow my blog, that they will not only find inspiration, but perhaps an insider tip or two, a laugh, a connection.


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